Whether you are hiking, traveling or going to school,
Ten20 will keep you and your loved ones connected & safe.

What is Ten20?

Ten20 is a location sharing and safety app that is simple and easy to use. It will keep you and your loved ones updated and safe 24/7.

With the click of a button, Ten20 allows you to notify your contacts that you have reached your destination safely. You can also send out a Help alert notification if you are ever in trouble.

Ten20’s navigation system will enable you to get real-time directions to your contact. Perfect for meeting up in unfamiliar places.

Take a look at our features


Easily update your friends & family of your whereabouts with the click of a button

Help Alert

Effectively notify your Ten20 contacts when you are in need of help

Get Directions

Get real-time directions to your Ten20 contacts’ location

Share Location

You have the option to become invisible if you do not want to be disturbed

Our team is working around the clock to finish the Ten20 app.
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